Useful Links

Everyone knows that you can find almost anything on the internet, like this weird collaboration website created by two guys, for example. The issue is, not everyone knows exactly where to look. Here are some websites that inspired, trained and/or motivated us in our various projects. Get exploring.

Instructables is a tutorial website. If you want to know how to build it, break it, hack it, this is the site for you. Most of the tutorials are very in-depth and detailed, and the community is very supportive and helpful. If you enjoy their site, sign up for the Instructables weekly email, in which they display the highest voted creations of the week.

Codecademy is a website for learning basic programming skills. Its attractive UI and real-time WYSIWYG compiler next to your workspace is awesome. Also, it’s easy for beginners since it teaches slowly, but still manages to stay engaging and interesting.

Khan Academy:
Khan Academy is a free education site. If you want to learn about math, science, history, economics, etc., this is where you want to go. Khan Academy also provides some programming lessons. Being free, you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want.

Project Euler:
A website dedicated to the solution of mildly mathematical problems by the magic of programming. An excellent way to learn new programming concepts if you like working on difficult problems and doing self-guided research to solve them. It’s how Alex got hooked on programming. Warning: no tutorials, just problems.

Dropbox is an online backup site (pretty much a virtual hard-drive). You can store virtually any document, file, or application in your Dropbox. It also allows you to share documents p2p (person to person) if you create and invite them to a shared folder. This is great for versioning, sharing data, and working on a project with another person. You get 2GB of storage space for free, and you can get more by adding Dropbox to more of your machines or referring people to use it.

Stumble Upon does exactly what the title says, it stumbles upon. You can customize your interests to things like cars, movies, photography, computers, and many others. This allows you to find things that are related to your likes, interests, and hobbies. It’s an attractive website, and it is very simple. You can vote up, vote down, and stumble. It’s a good way to find cool new stuff, and a pretty good relaxation tool.

Google Chrome:
IE (Internet Explorer) is for noobs. If you are not using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome (Chrome is the best choice) you need to convert.


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