Pythopia: A Text-Based RPG

We made a video game! Well, it’s really just a virtual choose-your-own-adventure book. If you like nerd culture references and terrible puns, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. If you don’t have a good time, shoot us an email; we’ll personally refund the entire purchase price of the game. (Note: we can give you back your $0.00, but not the half-hour you spend playing it. We’re not time wizards.)

There is a version for Mac OS X and a version for Windows. If you want to play it on Linux, you have to compile the source code¬†(a simple Python 2.7 script)¬†yourself. If you like having your hand held, there’s a walkthrough.

Programming by J Alex Stark and David Gamero. Writing by Andrew ‘Ski’ Gomez and J Alex Stark with help from Steven Burnley III.