About iaman4rchy

My name is Ski. I am half of the brain behind Theoretical Mongoose.

Pythopia: A Text-Based RPG

We made a video game! Well, it’s really just a virtual choose-your-own-adventure book. If you like nerd culture references and terrible puns, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. If you don’t have a good time, shoot us an email; we’ll personally refund the entire purchase price of the game. (Note: we can give you back your $0.00, but not the half-hour you spend playing it. We’re not time wizards.)

There is a version for Mac OS X and a version for Windows. If you want to play it on Linux, you have to compile the source code (a simple Python 2.7 script) yourself. If you like having your hand held, there’s a walkthrough.

Programming by J Alex Stark and David Gamero. Writing by Andrew ‘Ski’ Gomez and J Alex Stark with help from Steven Burnley III.


Code Hopping: a Thrift Shop Parody

Exploring themes in software development, geeky computer bling, and branding in the tech sector, this parody of Thrift Shop is a true Theoretical Mongoose classic. That is to say, don’t listen to it unless you want to lose all respect for us.

Vocals and editing by Andrew “Ski” Gomez with guest vocals by Kristina “Starky” Stark.

Lyrics by Andrew “Ski” Gomez and J Alex Stark: